Looking for a good SRI manager or Conference ? ?

Looking for a good guy or gal to manager your money? 

These guys out of Colorado (w/ a branch network in various states) are quite exceptional.  Not your slick-salesmen of sorts.  They are named First Affirmative. The two executives running the company are below:

I do not receive any fees of any kind for endorsing them but thought readers should know that there are good people out there that want to invest their clients' money the right way, aligning customers' value with their investments.

I first met the First Affirmative team a few years back at the premier SRI Conference.  Its location typically changes year to year but this year's (Nov'15) event is in Colorado (where it all started).

The conference was great for several reasons including getting to know people from various walks of life, as well as the more left brained information.  This included the educational and quantitative aspects of SRI which ranges from active-investing, climate change. measurement of SRI portfolios to sin-stocks.

We wish you all luck in your investing and in life !

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